Industrial and Corporate photography

Our Corporate photography is a combination of on-site and in-studio photography. We shoot for company advertising, marketing, promotion and public relation purposes. The subject matter varies from industrial plants and equipment, through products and processes, to personnel and corporate events. We have a command of different areas of photography, including portraiture, architectural interior and exterior, product and editorial photography.
Much of our photography is carried out at the client's premises, or at locations where the client's products are in use. Sometimes studio facilities are required.
Our portfolio includes compelling images of plants, employees, and production process. Photography for collateral brochures, industrial and corporate publications, multimedia presentations and web pages.

How we do it

Industrial photography requires logistic and planning to ensure that we obtain stunning pictures without compromising production quality, safety or confidentiality.
We work closely with clients to agree the best time and circumstances to shoot in their facilities. When setting up equipment in a shop, factory or workplace our team is always aware of the limited time available to produce the images, while minimizing disruption to operations and workflow.
We have the experience and the equipment to photograph large scale operations.

On all assignments we will work close with the client and his company to fully understand and fulfill the photography requirements. We take the time to understand the client’s business, their corporate values and the underlying marketing messages the client wishes to convey.

Hugo is skilled in Photoshop editing and retouching. If required, make-up artist, prop stylists, and location scouts are available. Pre-shoot: In most cases we include a walkthrough with the client and a pre-shoot session, when needed, in order to define the backgrounds, the most effective angles and lighting, and to choose the workers who will perform the task.